At FGP SOLUTIONS, we provide a state-of-the-art infrastructure to our competent workers. They are dedicated human resources for us and endowed with technical expertise. Thanks to them, FGP SOLUTIONS has got a growing pool of satisfied clients. On strength of our competent manpower and technical resources, we are successfully offering personalized service to the customers.

Teamwork is most important for us. We encourage sharing of ideas between the employees as it helps to churn out more innovative designs for our CNC machines. Supported by a team of most dedicated, skilled and experienced professionals, we have become a trendsetter in our own field.

The confluence of skilled labor and advanced technological base has made it possible for us to offer excellent CNC machines for sale. We have a full-fledged CNC manufacturing unit equipped with the modern-day technical facilities to ensure world-class production. Our in-house production unit has all the required infrastructural facilities regularly maintained by a team of expert engineers.

Our Vision

For us, sky is the only limit to achieve excellence. With that goal in mind, we thrive to become a world-leader in our own domain. With our strong foundation and expansion plan, we are determined to work towards becoming an undisputed organization of unmatched excellence. While adhering to the ethical business values, we vow to continue adding to our reputation with world-class service, excellent innovation, technologically advanced processing, highly dedicated workforce and satisfied customers.

We are also determined to provide low-cost service without sacrificing our superior quality craftsmanship and support service. Our low CNC machine price is a sold reflection of that motto. We want to ensure a highly enriching customer experience for you. We are highly concerned about making only superlative CNC machines that swear by safety, durability and excellence despite coming out at a cheaper price.

We offer what others don’t dare to think!


We design and manufacture computerized 3 Axis and 4 Axis router tables, 3 Axis Laser cutting machines, and plasma tables. Our control systems are compatible with most market CAD/CAM software and we offer fully customizable G-code / M-code support. Our focus is market quality machines at incredibly competitive prices.



RIG routers are especially designed and manufactured for clients new to the CNC market. These powerful machines with high torque motors (1000 feature a 5 hp air cooled collet spindle with 7hp spindle drive . They’re popular with clients who seek quality, economically priced routers. RIG routers operate on both single phase or 3 phase 220v power, making them the ideal solution for small shops or even garage-size production!



Cooper is becoming one of our most popular models yet. Cooper could be made with or without auto tool changer as a nesting machine. These routers are highly customizable from size of gantry (7” to 40” clearance!) to motor size and even paint color on the machine. We also offer 4th axis rotary, drill tool bank and position pop up pins on these routers. Cooper has all the structural strength of Sharp with powerful 850W Yaskawa servo motors and drives and yet priced to beat any competition in the market!



Cooper-ATC has all the benefits of base Cooper with some added features. Cooper-ATC offers full automatic tool change option, tool compensation library, tool and height measure sensor, Bluetooth wireless handheld with over 36 combo buttons and much more. We also offer customizable machine color to match your shop theme!




SharpTM-ATC comes equipped with 8 position tool holder, 35mm rails, helical rack and pinion, 12KW Italian made spindle and Osai-Open control system. This machine weight over 2200lbs and is constructed with ½” thick structural tubing welded into a single piece. Gantry bridge is also made of steel, which suppresses and absorbs the forces created during cutting. To keep cost and maintenance low we loaded this router only with essentials needed for shops running nested base programming (cabinet makers, fabricators, millwork, furniture makers, etc.). 8 tool holder, travel sensor, tool sensor, tool compensation, auto lubrication and graphical user interface. SharpTM-ATC is your machine to next level production!


Custom CNC solutions

We offer custom CNC routers for every application. We manufacture foam cutting routers with a high gantry structure, 4th axis or a 20 ft. table for ACM (Alucobond) sheets. Tell us your requirements and we’ll build a reliable CNC machine that will satisfy all your needs!