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FGP SOLUTIONS is known for its innovatively designed yet reasonably priced CNC wood router. Our highly competent and motivated technicians develop revolutionary ideas and convert them into tangible reality.

We make sure to measure quality of our current process regularly and strive to improve the same every day. Our continuous effort for improvement leads to enhanced satisfaction for our customers.

What others think day after tomorrow, we think today! Our technically strong and workaholic employees show the courage to think out of the box and desperately put those thoughts to practice. The result is outstanding. We have gone on adding to a wider range of CNC milling machines to cater to the varying needs of our potential customers.

Sometmes, the customers don’t know what they will need tomorrow. It is our reponsibility to allow the wings of imagination to take off and develop what will be beyond their expectation of tomorrow. While focusing on their future needs, we never allow ourselves to forget what they require at present.

We focus on full understanding of our customers’ requirements and provide service accordingly. Just like our CNC desktop machines and other varieties, our support service is of impeccable quality.

A convergence of high quality and low price is on every customer’s mind. However, making it happen is the toughest task for any entrepreneur. Kudos to our engineers, technicians and support staff as it is now a routine work for us to combine superior workmanship and low price in the same package.

We believe in providing value-added service. Innovation is our passion, conforming to ethical values is our mantra and ensuring customer’s delight is our mission. With strong values deeply rooted in our business practices, a strong focus on customers’ satisfaction and a undying willingness to better our service, we make it a point to serve you in the best possible way.

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Cooper CNC Router
Cooper CNC RouterCooper routers are extremely easy to operate and maintain and are equipped with all the essentials for industrial production. Heavy structure frame, powerful servo drives and mid size gantry height


COOPER ATC CNC RouterCooperATC is our most popular model with specs that is made for a true production machine. 850W Yaskawa servomotors and 1000W drives along with precision helical racks and pinion give this machine travel speed of 2200 IPM!


SHARP TM ATC CNC RouterTop of the line auto tool changing CNC router for fast paced production. 8-position tool holder, 35mm rails, helical rack and pinion, 12KW Italian made spindle and Osai-Open control system.

RIG Series

RIG series CNC Router
RIG series CNC RouterRIG series are industrial design, small size routers; an ideal solution for shops with limited space, and light production.