Sharp ATC

Full automatic CNC Router

Sharp-ATC is our top line router, full function 8 position auto tool changer. We use Italian Osai, flexible and powerful control system as the central control unit on the machine.  OPEN-XS is a modular system that offers both a solution for the control of servo-drives and I/O modules distributed on a digital fieldbus and also for controlling analog axes and integrated I/O.
The main features of OPEN-XS allow having high finishing quality and an optimized management of machining centers:

  • Gantry and dual axes management
  • Look-ahead with 256 pre-calculated blocks
  • Velocity Feed Forward (VFF)
  • Jerk control using advanced algorithms
  • Management of tool magazine, tool life, random tool, multi-pocket tool
  • Multi-axis electronic CAM
  • Cross Compensation

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This CNC Machine is engineered to provide a smooth, vibration-free cut. Made of a 3⁄8 inch thick steel tube, the gantry is welded, stress relieved and precision machined.


Sharp-ATC Details580-SharpATC

Top of the line auto tool changing CNC router for fast paced production. SharpTM-ATC comes equipped with an 8-position tool holder, 35mm rails, helical rack and pinion, 12KW Italian made spindle and Osai-Open control system. This machine weighs over 2200lbs and is constructed with ½” thick structural tubing welded into a single piece. Gantry bridge is also made of steel, which suppresses and absorbs the forces created during cutting. To keep cost and maintenance low, we’ve loaded this router only with essentials needed for shops running nested base programing (cabinet makers, fabricators, millwork, furniture makers, etc.). With an automatic tool changer, Travel sensor, tool sensor, tool compensation, auto lubrication and graphical user interface – the SharpTM-ATC is the router to take your production to the next level.


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Edge Machine Specs

Table Size5’ x 10’ (1600 x 3200 mm ) Z axis 9”-12″

Higher clearance is also available. Ask our rep about this option

FrameHeavy duty steel frame, heat treated and stress relieved
Spindle Motor12HP (9.KW) 220V HSD Auto Tool Changing spindle
Tool Changer8 Position auto tool change
VFD InverterDelta 14HP, 220V 3phase
Linear MotionTaiwan HIWIN 35 mm rails for X,Y

Taiwan HIWIN 25 mm rails for Z

TransmissionTaiwan Miko Helical rack and pinion for X,Y

Taiwan TBI ball screw for Z

Motors and DrivesJapanese 850W Yaskawa motor and drives

2 motors on long axis, 1 on short and 1 on Z

Table topVacuum cross hatch hard phenolic table top with Tslot assist
ControllerItalian Osai-Open controller
LubricationOil pump
Travel2500 in/min rapid travel.
Install & trainingFGP is the only company that offers free install and training on all machines! Training on software, CNC, design, CAM and maintenance

Standard features include

  • Tool measurement sensor
  • Auto tool length and job start position compensation
  • Fully closed loop servo system using Yaskawa motors & drives
  • Remote Vacuum control at the operator station.
  • Expandable control system for custom applications.
  • Spindle speed control through programming.
  • Manual overrides of spindle speed and feed speeds during run.
  • Centralized lubrication system for all axes.


  • Machine runs on standard Gcode
  • Most CAD/CAM software in the industry works with this machine.
  • FGP can also provide CAD/CAM design software for 2D / 3D production. Some recommended software: Vcarve Pro, AlphaCAM, Enroute, ArtCam. We also have a list of cabinet and custom furniture software that work with our machines.

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Vacuum hold down pumps

  • RGB550 – 16HP double stage regenerative blower pump with 365 CFM airflow and 17 inHg. This is a high flow pump and only generate noise at 78db. Unlike rotary vane pumps regen pumps have no maintenance and work with high air flow which works great on CNC machines with multi zones and big inlet line.

EDGE Accessories

Accessories Included with each machine

  • Tool measure sensor
  • 3 endmill cutting bits
  • 3 ER32 collet
  • 3 ISO 30 ER32 tool holders
  • Tool holder chuck
  • Vacuum zone rubber gasketing
  • Tabel adjustment leveling feet

Accessories available to purchase

  • Starter package
    • 2-1/2″ double insert spoil board surfacer
    • 1/8″ , 1/4″ and 1/2″ carbide spiral cutting endmills for wood, plastic and aluminum
    • 1/4″ spiral ball nose carbide for 3D work
    • 1/4″ V-bit for engraving

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