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CNC is the micro name for “Computer Numerical Control”. It is a high-end machine used for cutting a wider range of items including laser, small mill, vinyl, larger router etc. At FGP SOLUTIONS, we provide industry-standard CNC milling machines to meet your different purposes. We offer a wider range of industry-standard CNC machines to fulfill different requirements of customers.

FGP SOLUTIONS has a team of highly motivated technical experts. They have wealth of experience in this field. On strength of their competence and experience, we provide enterprise-standard technical support to our clients. AT FGP SOLUTIONS, we manufacture only superior quality CNC machines. The state-of-the-art machines are equipped with the most advanced features. Those features make the machines super easy to use.

About CNC

CNC allows the users to communicate with the machines via a computer (specialized CAM software is used). The computer takes your instructions and in turn, instructs the machine to move towards the particular coordinates. Like other machines used for cuttings, CNC is also powered by a motor. However, the use of computer makes the major difference. The attachment does the actual job of cutting. That feature makes the work of cutting simpler, more efficient and less time-consuming.

What is special about our offer?

We are unlike the run of the mills in the industry. We stay apart from others on strength of sophisticated design, easy-to-handle features, competitive price and excellent technical support for laser cutting service. We are focused on impeccable machine design and technical support. Accuracy is of prime importance when it comes to laser cutting. The computer-fitted CNC machines at FGP SOLUTIONS are designed for perfection.

We have taken great care to ensure that the machine provides you with superlative support for years to come. Our machines are low in cost despite being highly innovative in design. It is worth your investment for laser cutting.